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Each of our physicians offices can be contacted by phone directly.

Roy L. Bishop, M.D. (530) 899-0130
Louise Krone, M.D. (530) 899-0143
Laura Taylor, MSPAS, PA-C (530) 899-9393
Darcie Garman, PA-C (530) 899-0143

Visit Us:

100 Independence Circle
Chico, CA 95973


Patients can contact Argyll Medical Group directly by mail at:
Argyll Medical Group
100 Independence Circle
Chico, CA 95973

By phone or FAX:
Phone: 530-899-0295
FAX: 530-899-0142

Due to recent increases in spam email, our prior individual email addresses have been removed from the web site. If you are a patient you may obtain the physician’s email address directly from the office. There may be a charge for clinical questions if they do not relate to an office visit within the previous 30 days. No method of electronic communication is without potential for error. Email is generally answered within 3 business days unless the physician is not in the office. The physician’s response to the email is how you will know it has been received. Sometimes our responses may be blocked by the spam filter at your own internet service provider. Although our serves allow us to send you email attachments, we cannot receive attachments due to email virus concerns.