Best Primary Medical Care Provider in Chico

Welcome to Argyll Medical Group, Chico, CA.

Opened in August 2001, we are located at 100 Independence Circle, Philadelphia Square, Chico, California, USA.

In addition to my own, long-established practice, Argyll Medical consists of the practices of Dr. Roy Bishop, Dr. Louise Krone, Dr. Brandan Stark, Dr. Seema Aggarwal Afsari, Laura Taylor PA-C, Bob Kurts, PA-C, Shirley Huffman, PA-C, Darcie Garman, PA-C, Laura DeLaCruz, FNP, John Hoffmeister PA-C, Maureen Breese FNP, and Stuart Mishelof PA-C. Our practice is equipped to provide the high standard of primary medical care and customer service that you are looking for.

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