Argyll Advantage

Making primary care convenient

Argyll Medical Group is aware of the frustrations that navigating the current healthcare system can cause. Many services that physicians could provide to assist you are not available because they are “not covered” by insurers and due to rising costs and no reimbursement increase in the past 10 years by the insurers medical groups cannot provide these services at no charge and remain viable practices, able to be there for you in the future.

Argyll Medical Group offers a range of non-covered services in return for a monthly Retainer, as Argyll Advantage. The option to purchase non-covered services individually remains as Standard service.

Take a look at the services offered and then decide whether having access to these on a Retainer basis would make sense for your convenience. For some patients with High Deductible / HSA linked insurance, non-visit care may be better value than having to pay for an office visit.

Available in the offices of Drs Bishop, Casey and Mishelof PA-C at Argyll Medical Group. Argyll Advantage is not available to patients using United Health Care and Medicare – due to the opposition of these insurers to our Group offering the service to their customers / beneficiaries.

Feature Argyll Advantage Standard
AUTH/APPEAL Included $20+/episode
We will assist with prior authorizations for medications or appealing insurance decisions.
EMAIL/FAX Included 5/month $10+/episode
Your doctor will answer simple questions by email/fax, up to 5 episodes per month.
FORMS/LETTERS Included $8+/form
Your doctor will do forms or letters without requiring an office visit or fee unless an examination is required.
FREE CANCEL Included $20/$40
You may cancel up to one appointment per month without penalty.
MAILING/FAXING Included 60¢ mailing/$3+ faxing
We will mail or fax documents/forms at your request.
OWN DOC Included On Call MD
You have access to your own physician for after hours urgent calls, weekdays only, weekend is on call physician.
PORTAL Two Way Included Read Only
When available you will be able to send and receive secure messages, view lab results/comments and book appointments online – Advantage only.
PREMIUM APPTS Included As available
You receive priority for the convenient first and last appointments of the day.
QUICK CALL Included 2/month $20+/episode
Too busy to come in? We can address one quick simple issue over the phone, max 5 minutes/call.
RECORDS Included $20+ mailing
We will mail a CD-R or email a copy of your records on receipt of a HIPAA compliant request.
REFILL 1 visit/year minimum
Will fax Refills to mail order
2 visits/year minimum or $8+
Patient given Rx’s to mail
We will refill your Rx’s without a visit requirement or fee beyond legally required one visit/year, restrictions may apply to refilling some medications that are controlled drugs, e.g. narcotics and benzodiazepines where the State requires more frequent visits. For patients using Mail Order pharmacies we will fax Rx’s to them or send electronically – Advantage patients only, Standard patients are given written Rx’s which they may mail.
SAME DAY Guaranteed As available
We will guarantee you an appointment with an Argyll Medical provider if you call before 12:00 PM, usually your own provider, if not available with another in the Group. Standard patients will be seen same or subsequent days depending on clinical necessity.

Argyll Advantage Fees


Please Note

Argyll Advantage is a Retainer fee paid in arrears for coverage of insurer non-covered services. It is not insurance.

You may cancel at any time, however since the fee is charged in arrears cancellation will only be effective from the first of the next month if you have used any service during the month you cancel. If you have used no Advantage services during the month you cancel, you will not be charged. To keep costs down, payment must be made by automated debit of a nominated credit or debit card.