New Patients

Many of our physicians accept new patients, however the number each can take and the time frame varies. Please contact the individual physician’s office, or for general new patient inquiries you may email

You can learn more about our physicians on the Physicians page, and can find their office phone numbers on the Contact Us page.

For your convenience, you may download the new patient forms you will need for your first visit by selecting the links below. in order to view these documents you will need a copy of Adobe Reader which is available online.

Please note that there are legal reasons why a doctor/patient relationship is not established until you have visited your doctor for an initial medical visit.

Read about our policies and procedures here.

New Patient Forms

  1. Argyll Medical New Patient Packet
  2. Dr. Stark’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Contract
  3. Patient Consent Form

Argyll Skin Care New Patient Packet

  1. New Patient Medical History
  2. New Patient Demographics